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Coronavirus Workers Compensation
Coronavirus Workers Compensation Attorney The coronavirus pandemic has made a major impact on companies and workers alike. Understanding the rules regarding coronavirus workers compensation will help you to navigate this process if you become ill as a result of your regular duties or if you are injured on the job. Your Florida Lauderdale workers compensation...
Fort Lauderdale Workers Comp
Hiring a Fort Lauderdale Workers Comp Attorney The coronavirus outbreak has affected the lives of many American workers. For those who contract the COVID-19 virus during the course of their regular duties, however, their eligibility for Fort Lauderdale workers comp may be in question. While both Kentucky and Washington have already put plans in place...
Fort Lauderdale Workers' Comp Lawyer
Fort Lauderdale Workers’ Comp Lawyer David G. Abramovici A recent accident that took place in Massachusetts highlights the importance of safety on the job for workers in the Fort Lauderdale area. A landscaper who was working on a property in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, was seriously injured when a tree that was being removed struck him in...
Mental Health Workers' compensation lawyer
Experienced Mental Health Workers’ Compensation Lawyer On April 3, 2019, the First District Court of Appeal for the State of Florida decided against a workers’ compensation claimant who sought benefits for psychological treatment more than six months after he had attained maximum medical improvement. The workers’ compensation statute in Florida precludes benefits for temporary psychiatric...
Florida Workers' Compensation Lawyer
Getting the Best Representation from a Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer The Florida Senate has once again put action on a workers’ compensation bill on hold for further discussion. The bill currently contains provisions that would cap the attorney fees for plaintiffs in workers’ compensation cases at $150 per hour and $1,500 overall. Depending on the...
Miami Workers' Compensation Lawyer
Qualified Help From a Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyer On April 5, 2019, the First District Court of Appeal of Florida ruled that a work-at-home employee could not collect workers’ compensation for an injury sustained during her hours of employment. The case of Sedgwick CMS and The Hartford/Sedgwick CMS v. Valcourt-Williams related to an injury sustained...