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Did you get injured or become ill at work? Are you unhappy with the representation you are receiving from another Fort Myers Workers’ Compensation Lawyer? The physical and financial effects of situations like yours can quickly become grave, rendering you suffering and unable to do your job or earn an income. To protect your family and your future, Florida has instituted workers’ compensation benefits for which you might be eligible as long as the accident or sickness occurred while you were doing your job. Time might be running out, and it is therefore crucial to act today by calling Fort Myers Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Attorney David G. Abramovici.

What Florida Law Provides

Florida law §440.055 specifies that all employers with four or more workers are required to offer workers’ compensation coverage unless they provide clear notification to the contrary. If you were doing your job during regular work hours and were injured or became ill, you are eligible for compensation of lost wages and medical expenses regardless of who was at fault. However, nothing is automatic; it is your responsibility to apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

Proving Your Work-related Injury

Making it clear that your injury is eligible for workers’ compensation can sometimes be a complex process. To simplify it as much as possible, lawmakers have specified the following requirements:

  •  Jurisdiction. You must prove that your accident or illness occurred at a time and place that would make you eligible for benefits.
  • Employment. You must establish that you were legally hired by your employer at the time of the injury or illness in question.
  • Verification of injury. You must submit data confirming that a claim-worthy injury or illness occurred.
  • Causation. You must prove that the situation in question was caused or worsened by a task, incident or your general work environment.
  • Notice. You must notify your employer of the incident and provide proof that you did so.

If you cannot successfully provide proof of one or all of these criteria, your claim may be denied. It is imperative that you gather the appropriate supporting documentation, including medical and accident reports, coworkers’ testimony and employment records. Because this process can be time-consuming and overwhelming, it is best to entrust the details into the expert hands of Attorney David G. Abramovici, Esq. whose compassion and legal expertise will ensure that you have expert assistance every step of the way.

Why Should You Pursue Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

With its stunning beaches and eye-catching natural attractions, it’s no wonder that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford bought adjoining homes in Fort Myers. While you may once have appreciated the beauty of this town, chronic pain and financial security stemming from a work-related injury can diminish every aspect of your quality of life. You may even wonder if it’s worth the trouble to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Before rejecting the idea altogether, consider what this insurance can provide to you:

  • Payment of immediate medical costs resulting from your injury;
  • Payment of potential future medical costs;
  • Compensation for loss of income;
  • Payment for necessary home renovations or medical equipment related to your injury;
  • Compensation for loss of job benefits;
  • Compensation for loss of future earning capacity.

Your work-related injury may have both current and future effects on your lifestyle, livelihood and ability to work. This should be a primary focus of your discussions with your Fort Myers Workers’ Compensation Lawyer. Attorney David G. Abramovici, Esq. has the compassion and experience to fully understand your unique situation and to get you the results you deserve.

Getting Help With Your Fort Myers Workers’ Compensation Claim

Attorney David G. Abramovici, Esq. has over two decades of experience in the complex workers’ compensation specialty. He will bring all of his knowledge to bear in seeing that you get the maximum financial settlement possible. From the moment you contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation until your case is resolved, your claim will remain a top priority.

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It is time that you received the workers’ compensation you deserve. Call the Law Office of David G. Abramovici at 1-888-833-2843 to begin your journey to justice. We will be happy to meet with you wherever it is most convenient: at your home, in the hospital or at our office. A successful outcome that helps to ensure your financial well-being will be our highest priority.

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