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Help from a Fort Lauderdale Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When an injury or illness that occurred on the job prevents you from working, you will quickly realize how vital each paycheck is to your and your family’s survival. Although your physical symptoms or shock may be severe, it is vital that you quickly take action to protect yourself, ensuring that you can pay your bills. Florida law provides you with just such a mechanism to safeguard your rights. By contacting Fort Lauderdale Workers Compensation Lawyer David G. Abramovici, Esq., you can obtain the justice you deserve.

Important Legal Facts You Need to Know

Under Florida law §440.055, any employer with at least four employees is required to provide their staff with workers’ compensation coverage. The only exception to this rule occurs if the employer provides clear written notice of the fact that they furnish no such insurance. Regardless of who was at fault, workers are given this safety net to assist them should they become injured or ill during regular work hours. If workers’ compensation benefits are requested by the employee and granted, they can cover medical expenses and lost current and future wages.

Proving the Validity of Your Injury

It is your responsibility as an employee to prove that your work-related injury or illness merits the provision of workers’ compensation benefits. In order to remove some of the complexity, Florida law specifies certain requirements that must be met:

  • Jurisdiction. Your illness, accident or injury must have occurred in the proper time and place, making it deserving of a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Employment. You need to show that you were legally employed by the relevant company at the time of the incident.
  • Verification of injury. Using medical reports and other documentation, you must prove that a legitimate, compensation-worthy injury or illness occurred.
  • Causation. You must show that some aspect of the work environment such as a work task, incident or environmental factor caused or exacerbated the illness, accident or injury.
  • Notice. You must show proof that you notified your employer of the incident or illness after it occurred.

Gathering the evidence necessary to prove each of these requirements can be a daunting task, and this is where the knowledge and experience of Fort Lauderdale Workers Compensation lawyer David G. Abramovici, Esq. can make all of the difference. You cannot afford to lose your case simply because you neglected to submit one piece of information.

Why Should You Obtain Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

When a work-related injury or illness occurs, it can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills. Worse still, you may lose the ability, either temporarily or permanently, to return to your duties. During this physically and emotionally trying time, workers’ compensation coverage can help in a variety of ways.

These include covering:

  • The medical expenses you incur as an immediate result of your injury;
  • Potential medical expenses that you may incur in the future;
  • Loss of income;
  • Any necessary medical equipment or home adaptations that must be made as a result of the injury or illness;
  • The cost of lost benefits such as health insurance;
  • Loss of the ability to work and earn money in the future.

Florida work injury lawyer Attorney David G. Abramovici, Esq. will assist you during every step of the workers’ compensation claims process, helping you to determine how your medical situation will affect you now and in the future. Armed with this information, we will use our knowledge of Florida law and over two decades of relevant experience to determine a fair settlement that will meet your requirements now and in the years to come. When you entrust your case to the Law Office of David G. Abramovici, your unique situation and needs will be our top priority from the moment you meet with us for a no obligation consultation until your case is settled.

Take the First Step

Have you recently been injured or become ill on the job? Are you wondering if you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits to cover some or all of the costs you have incurred? Take justice into your own hands by contacting the Law Offices of David G. Abramovici right away at 1-888-833-2843 to set up a free, no obligation consultation. We can meet with you at our offices, at your home, at the hospital or at any other location that is convenient for you. The results of a job well done should be fair wages, not physical or emotional pain. Rest assured that Attorney David G. Abramovici, Esq. is committed to ensuring that you receive the financial remuneration and justice you deserve.

Fort Lauderdale Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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